Thursday, February 21, 2013

Optimism and then Something Else...

We were all so optimistic about Buddy's 1 time success during the day on Tuesday. But yesterday, Wednesday, well, I wouldn't call it a set back or failure because this is a journey, but it certainly was something else.

Buddy's teachers are so excited that he is sitting on the potty while they sing and talk to him. That he peed on the potty and are getting closer to getting him there more frequently just after he pees. But yesterday was quite a day. He soiled 6 pairs of underwear and pants. 6! And then another as The Hubs was bringing him home. So really, 7. That means he was wetting himself in less than an hour and a half all day long. Poor teachers! Poor Buddy! I guess it is a good sign that he was upset every time he did. Whether out of discomfort or out of the knowledge that he's not supposed to pee in his pants, it's a good thing he is starting to care.

Too much potty talk? I need to upload more photos to share more stories of this amazing kid!

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