Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Success Goes a Long Way

I have been so conflicted with Buddy's potty learning. I really don't mind the extra laundry but feel badly for his teachers at daycare. It's hard to take him out because he has been peeing more frequently and I don't want to get other people's stuff wet. I love not having to worry about creams and changing a screaming boy's diaper every 2 hours (or more). At home Buddy goes without pants, making more messes but clean up is easier and he understands how his body works because you can't ignore a stream of urine!

But yesterday, Buddy peed in the potty at daycare! Although that is only the second time there, he seems to be getting more and more comfortable sitting on the potty. I think we'll continue to stick it out and deal with the extra loads of laundry. It does force me to keep up with it a little more in order to be certain we have enough elastic waist pants and underwear!

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