Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let Your Kids Make Messes!

Learning is hard no matter how old you are. It takes time, patience and practice. Babies and kids learn best by doing (don't we all, or at least most of us?). You know how kids do things? They explore. They dump out their food and squish and throw it. They jump on everything and try to squeeze through the smallest places. I'm just glad my railing bars are too close together to fit a head! They try to take everything apart and put everything in their mouths. This is how a child grows into an intelligent, free-thinking adult. So let them explore and don't worry so much about the mess. That's why they make vinegar and water, right? (more on natural cleaners and why you need them in another post.)

Buddy loves food, of all kinds, but he has been going through an oatmeal phase. We ask him what he wants for breakfast and he often shouts, "oh-mea!"

 Testing gravity.

 Practicing eating with a spoon.

 Buddy's sign for "more." Of what, you ask. Who knows!

 Sometimes fingers are faster than the spoon, they both get the job done.

 What happens when you add your water to your oatmeal? More fun!

 Splish splash!

 Oatmeal everywhere! That's why we prefer naked mealtimes.

 I don't get it, but sometimes Buddy needs his hands wiped off mind-meal. I guess he doesn't like to be messy...

 Exploring the oatmeal, water, cup soup.

 More splashing! We take for granted that we know what happens when you repeatedly smash your hands into water quickly. How fun to find out the water goes everywhere!

Add a little applesauce to the mix.

Letting kids explore their food is messy but they learn so much and develop their brains while spilling and splashing. Relax. It's just a little oatmeal (or mud or crayon). Let your child live and join in the fun!

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