Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yoplait Baby - Not For My Baby

I came across this post today: moms-add-this-to-your-do-not-buy-list about the ingredients in Yoplait Baby. Yogurt designed to give your baby what he needs. Or so you think.

If you choose to give your baby dairy at some point, whole milk/full fat products are what is recommended until age 2 since babies need fat for their brain development. Other than that, why would you give your baby, 8 months and up, anything else in that yogurt?

*A baby this age does not have the taste for the sweet treats adults have become accustomed to.
*Corn starch gives the yogurt the consistency they want but adds nothing of nutrition to your baby.
*Baby should always have natural flavor, but just because it's natural does not mean it's good for you or that you'd want to eat it. Natural flavorings can encompass a lot of things. Have you ever heard of "castoreum"? No? It's listed under "natural flavors" in some food because it is natural - from beaver glands. (Don't believe me? Check it out here: When the FDA approves things like that, I am so glad I keep kosher because anything from a beaver cannot be used in kosher products. Besides, shouldn't banana yogurt contain actual bananas?
*So the last ingredient, turmeric extract, can be a good thing, but baby yogurt doesn't need color which is the purpose of the turmeric.

Instead of buying the expensive individual yogurts, buy plain whole milk yogurt and add your own fruit. Baby will get a taste for the natural stuff and be so much more healthy for it.

We were never big on yogurt. We much preferred homemade organic applesauce or pear with avocado. Yum!

My Baby Is Just Right

I, like many parents I've heard from, become worried when their pediatrician tells them their baby isn't gaining weight fast enough or too fast. Isn't that why there is a large range of normal? Someone has to be in the 3rd percentile, someone has to be in the 97th percentile and most babies are in the middle. Breastfed babies tend to be smaller than formula fed babies, but not always. If your baby is reaching the appropriate milestones at the appropriate times, eating the appropriate foods for that age, has wet diapers multiple times a day, why worry yourself?

This is a place to come be reassured when your baby's pediatrician tells you your otherwise normal baby needs to gain weight, to get support when you feel like you're going crazy, to share the ups and downs of parenthood and to see adorable pictures of my family. Welcome!