Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Tantrums!

The tantrums have started! There are times when Buddy wants something that he just can't have so he cries about it. But lately, it's been much more than just crying. If we're holding him, he throws his head back and wriggles until I can't do anything but get to the floor just so I don't drop him. If Buddy is already on the floor, he gets on his knees, bends over and almost bangs his fists on the floor with an occasional head bang to follow. Frankly, I think it's darn cute! Sometimes I have to hold back from laughing because he tries to scold us, "NO!" with a finger toward our face. Something daycare taught him.

We normally sit down with him and help him through his feelings. "I understand that you are frustrated/angry/upset that you can't have [insert noun here]." We explain why: it's hot, it's dangerous, it's daddy's and it could break if we play with it, etc. Within a minute or two Buddy has forgotten about whatever it is he wanted to do but couldn't. But not last night.

Last night was a big one! When we got home from daycare a little early so we could enjoy the evening together, Buddy didn't want to come inside for dinner. So we played outside, watched The Hubs mow the lawn for the first time of the season and Buddy did some mowing of his own on the sidewalk with his little mower. But then he wanted to go to "Cedar!" The busy street a block over. When we wouldn't let him, he crumpled onto the sidewalk. A minute later, he was up again running around. Then it was really time to go inside. We needed to eat dinner, give Buddy his bath and get to bed. We had to carry him inside, kicking and screaming. Once there, Buddy sat on our laps, but refused to eat anything. He kept pointing, "ow-si! ow-si!" Or he would point at other things in the house, but we just could not figure out what he wanted. For an hour we tried having dinner, we ran Buddy's bath, which he normally LOVES and even tried nursing. Nothing. He just wanted to go outside. The poor kid.

Eventually Buddy settled down enough to nurse and get his nighttime underwear and pants on. He slept in the same shirt he wore all day and didn't end up with a bath or dinner.

This morning was almost as bad. As soon as we get outside Buddy runs to get around my car to get to his. I had to carry him and gently force him into his car seat while he yelled for daddy. I think seeing him like that basically ruined my day.

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