Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Baby is a Big Boy!

I knew potty learning, especially this young, is a moving target, but last week I thought Buddy was done with all of it. He had been getting so good at using the potty at home and at daycare. He started coming home with just 1 miss all day. Then last week he came home with all misses. He would sit on the potty for 15 minutes, singing and talking to his teacher, but wouldn't go. Then he'd come back to the classroom and 5 minutes later peed in his pants. After about a week of this I thought maybe he wanted a break and started thinking about bringing back out the diapers. I tried my best over the weekend to be diligent about taking him to the potty and making him comfortable. He did ok. I was so proud of him after walking to shul on Shabbat after not going for well over an hour, we made it there dry! After hanging up our coats, I took him directly to the bathroom and he used the potty without a fuss! The rest of the day at home didn't go as well.

Monday was much the same, but then Buddy decided he wanted to continue and came home Tuesday with just 1 miss and Wednesday didn't miss all day! Now a miss is a better way of saying accident. An accident applies that the child did something wrong. A miss just means they didn't get it in the place we were aiming. It may seem like a slight difference, but for some kids, using nicer language helps them not feel badly about not doing what they otherwise may feel like they are supposed to do. Using the kindest language possible means we take all the pressure off and Buddy can learn at his pace.

So we're doing pretty well with potty learning. Some days Buddy tells us more often and others we just have to take him and ask him to go. It's still progress and The Hubs and I are so proud of Buddy for sticking with it. We're also really enjoying the fact that it no longer hurts Buddy to urinate.

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