Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where's Yo Kenny and Other Shenanigans

Buddy's vocabulary gets bigger every day. It's amazing what he knows and sometimes surprises us. Here is a small glimpse into his life recently.

Buddy: Where's yo kenny?
The Hubs: What's yo kenny?
Buddy: Yo kenny! Where's yo kenny?
The Hubs: Is it a toy or a book?
Buddy: NO!
The Hubs: Can you point to where you think it is?
Buddy points outside. The Hubs let's him out. Buddy goes to the stroller, pulls out the bag and starts looking.
Buddy: Where's yo kenny?! I need yo kenny!
Then it dawned on me. Buddy found a lollipop in the stroller that morning. He is not allowed to have candy, let alone lollipops (HUGE choking hazard!) so I said it's daddy's candy and he'll get it when he gets home later. Mystery solved! I put it away hoping Buddy would forget about it, but he wanted to make sure daddy got his candy.
yo kenny = your candy

There is a house down the street that is for sale. They made it nice with fall-colored flowers and a bunch of pumpkins. Taking a walk one day:
Me: I like pumpkins, do you?
Buddy: I like pancakes!

Buddy: I ate my broccoli all up! I ate my salmon all up! More broccoli pease!

Jewish law says we have to wait 6 hours between eating meat and dairy. With all of the holidays recently, a lot of meat is served so at home we don't eat much meat. Prayer services often run late, which means having a late lunch so a dairy dinner has to be eaten fairly late. Since Buddy is only 2, he doesn't have to wait 6 hours. We served his dinner and we ate challah (sweet bread) until our 6 hours was up.
Buddy (eating): Want some salmon daddy?
The Hubs: No thanks. I'll get some later.
Buddy: Want some mommy?
Such a caring little man already!

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