Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Little Guy is Growing Up

Nearly every night I take a moment and look at Buddy while he's sleeping. It's a minute or two when I reflect on the day. On what Buddy did. How we interacted. How I can better react to whatever Buddy throws at me. Sometimes literally. On what he learned or expressed for the first time. And just to remind myself how blessed we are to have such an amazing person who we have the privilege of raising and loving.

Buddy still sleeps in his pack'n'play because we decided an actual crib is a waste of money. He started out sleeping in our room and there isn't enough space to put a real crib, but by the time his room is actually painted and set up, he'll be nearly ready for a real bed. So what's the point in spending quite a lot of money on something Buddy will maybe use for a couple of months?

If that.

As I watched over Buddy tonight I realized how big he is getting. Sometimes he sleeps the short way across his mattress and he has to stick his knees up under himself to fit. He's all stretched out tonight and nearly fills the whole bed. We finally got his room painted, thanks to some amazing friends, so he'll be in there soon. I think we'll put him in the pack'n'play just to get used to the new space, but he might be transitioning to a mattress soon after that. Perhaps for his birthday next month.

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