Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forgetful Daughter, Forgetful Mother

I was notorious for forgetting my lunch. I'm sure it started in middle school, but I definitely remember it in high school. I was in first hour band for 3 years and I'm sure it was more than once a week an office aid would come in with my lunch that my wonderful mother would bring to school. I don't know why it was always my lunch. Perhaps because I made sure everything else was already in my backpack so I wouldn't forget anything but a lunch had to stay in the refrigerator. I don't know why, but it happened. All the time.

Then it started happening all the way through college. It wasn't a big deal as an undergrad since I lived on campus and could run back to my dorm easily. Plus, once I became a resident assistant, they paid for my meal plan so I just bought something on campus. As a master's and now PhD student, it's not so easy to just run back and grab lunch. I have had several lunchless days over the past 7 years. I just busy myself and go home a little early.

But now my forgetfulness isn't just affecting me. I have forgotten Buddy's lunch a couple of times. The Hubs usually sets it out with his stuff so I can't forget to take it with us. But sometimes he leaves much earlier than us and doesn't set it out. I think every time but one I have forgotten it. 22 months is old enough for Buddy to remember his own lunch, right? Because otherwise, I'll be driving back and forth between home and daycare a lot.

I wish I could blame it on mommy-brain, but given my track record, I can't.

Buddy can put on his own hat, most of his jacket and grab a book and his lunch. I can leave it up to him to do this all the time now, right?

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